The Cajun Village

Village Rendering Craig Black

A wonderful collection of authentic, restored Acadian dwellings, in the heart of Plantation Country in South Louisiana. We invite you to stroll the grounds, step back in time, and visit the unique shoppes and boutiques that make their home in these sturdy old buildings.

You may want to enjoy some beignets ‘n cafe’ au lait while meandering through the stores, or just sip on a glass of sweet muscadine wine as you shop for art or souvenirs. Visit the alligator pond (yes, we have live alligators!), or relax on one of our many porch swings.

Whatever your pleasure, we hope you enjoy your visit and come back to see us often! Be sure to bring your camera.

Please visit our website at or call us at (225) 675-6184 for more information.

8 thoughts on “The Cajun Village”

  1. When I was younger we spent our summers in Grand Isle. We had a camp and would live there and go fishing, shrimping and crapping for food. We always stopped at the Cajun Village on our way down from Baton Rouge to Grand Isle. Some of my favorite memories from childhood where playing with the cat outside the pottery house. And eating beignets of coarse!

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