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Leblanc HouseI’ve done several profiles on our shops in The Cajun Village, and even a few blogs on our other buildings in the Village that have no one to call them “home.” Some of those “other” buildings have plenty of history of their own, but they lack a local Louisiana artist, entrepreneur, or businessman as well as a business to form them into a successful business enterprise. So this post is a shout out to all of y’all in hopes that you may know the perfect to set up shop in one of our vacant boutique shops here in The Cajun Village. Please give us a call (225-473-3007 ext. 4), send us an email, or comment on this post if you or someone you know are interested in starting a brand new business at The Cajun Village!

Firehouse Gallery & Photo Museum– Firehouse Gallery & Photo Museum: The Firehouse Gallery & Photo Museum has functioned as an art gallery and history museum in the past. Cajun Village visitors are drawn to the building by the antique fire truck parked under overhang. A great shop for a history lover and local Louisiana entrepreneur!


Leblanc House– Leblanc House: Circa 1900, the Leblanc House is originally from Gonzales. The rear of the building faces Hwy. 22.  Great for signage and advertising your business to passersby!




Gator House– Gator House: The Gator House, also known as Quarter House, was built c. 1820 in Union, LA, just downriver from The Cajun Village. It is adjacent to the gator habitat where our two native Louisiana adult alligators reside and sees a lot of foot traffic from visitors coming to see Big Boy and Nubby!


Manresa Kitchen– Manresa Kitchen: Built c. 1860 in Convent, LA, the Manresa Kitchen is also known as the “Manresa Retreat House.” The building was originally located on the grounds of Manresa House of Retreat. It is a cozy little shop with lots of history attached to it!