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Boudreau an Tibodeau jokesThere’s a long-running tradition of Boudreau an Tibodeau jokes in south Louisiana. As far as I can tell, no one has heard them all, and new ones are being created every day. We sell a collection of Boudreau an Tibodeau jokes by John Bergeron at The Cajun Shop in The Cajun Village. If you’ve never heard a Boudreau an Tibodeau joke, here’s one to brighten your day:

The Beer Bet

It was a hot August afternoon, Boudreaux and Thibodeaux had quit fishing early and sat in Pierre’s air conditioned bar sipping beer. The door opened and a huge man wearing a cowboy hat walked in.

“Give me four beers”, the Cowboy told Pierre.

Pierre sat the bottles on the bar and the Cowboy gulped them down one after the other.

“Ahhh, that took the edge off”, the Cowboy announced as he sat the last bottle down. “Can’t nobody drink beer like a Texan – in fact I’ll bet any one of you Cajuns a hundred bucks that you can’t drink a case of beer in an hour”, the Cowboy challenged.

With the challenge made the bar got real quiet. The Cowboy looked around, Thibodeaux just shook his head, Boudreaux actually got up and left. “I thought so”, the Cowboy bragged, “Give me four more”.

Forty five minutes later Boudreaux came back in. “Say pardna, is dat bet ‘bout da beer still good?” he asked the

“It sure is”, the Cowboy replied, “Set ‘em up barkeep”.

Pierre lined up 24 bottle of beer and Boudreaux began to guzzle them down. Forty minutes later he finished the last one.

“Well I’ll be – I never thought a little guy like you could do it”, the Cowboy said and handed Boudreaux a hundred dollar bill. Boudreaux swayed a bit but he took the bill and said, “Thanks”.

The Cowboy looked at Boudreaux and asked, “When I first offered that bet you went outside for a while. Where did you go?”

Boudreaux burped then answered, “I went ta da bar cross da street. You see I didn’t have no hundred dollars so I hada make sure dat I could do it”.