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Cooking in Sens


At some point when I was shopping in Stuttgart, I found a bag of enormous calamari tubes at the Italian grocery store.  My idea was to stuff them with some of the store’s fabulous looking sausage.  However, overtaken by life events, I forgot all about the calamari until yesterday when my husband said, pointedly, “There’s all that squid in the freezer.”  I pretended not to hear him because I wanted to make an Irish pork roast today.  He persisted, “You’re going back to France AGAIN and I don’t know how to cook squid.” Okay, okay.  He said the same darn thing about the shrimp, so that’s why this is stuffed with both sausage and shrimp.  Good idea.  Thanks for the inspiration,  Honey 🙂


These calamari tubes were really big, about the size of an obese quail when stuffed.  You could make this recipe with smaller tubes and just cook them for…

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