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Although this focuses on the New Orleans area, it is a great read on the history of flooding, levees, and the Mississippi River in Louisiana in and around New Orleans. Hope y’all enjoy this and have a great Valentine’s Day!

Coffee with Chicory

I work in a building that sits right along the Mississippi River. Actually, part of it sits on top of the Mississippi. This means a lot of visitors ask me if we sustained any damage from Hurricane Katrina. The first time I heard this question I was more than a little surprised. But then I remembered just how little information about the actual causes of post-Katrina damage entered the minds of the general American (and foreign) public. So I’ll clear it up here – the Mississippi did not overflow before, during, or post-Katrina. In most areas of the city, being right along the River is the absolute best place to be, as it’s some of the highest ground available. The water level rarely rises high enough to be of any concern to the residents on the Mississippi’s banks. As a matter of fact, while it was a common worry in…

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