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Valentine's Day MenuValentine’s Day is only four days away and I hope you all have made romantic plans and purchased all your gifts by now! If you are still looking for a special place to take your special someone, give The Cabin Restaurant a try. Chef Troy Mendoza has put together an incredible menu, featuring Cajun & Creole fusion dishes that are at once modern yet cling to The Cabin’s traditional River Road culinary roots.

We will be serving the items on the menu Friday evening, and if we have any left over we will serve the specials again on Saturday. For those of you who enjoy our Thursday night specials with a live band in the garçonnière, we MAY have hot-boiled crawfish, depending on availability (should know this afternoon!).

Anyhow, I hope you and yours enjoy a lovely Valentine’s Day evening this Friday, whether it’s here at The Cabin or somewhere else around town. Cheers!

Filet Oscar

An 8 oz. filet served with steamed asparagus, topped with Bearnaise sauce and fresh crabmeat