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IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN 12 YEARS A SLAVE—SEE IT TODAY…  (My essay on WHY you should see it–and WHY young people 14 and above should see it..tomorrow along with a piece by my friend Tonya Hopkins (@thefoodgriot on  Twitter) on his wife Anne, who was an accomplished cook who supported herself and her family by her culinary skills.  Until then, please learn a little bit more about the world of food through the eyes of a free man of color from New York, kidnapped, enslaved and exiled in Louisiana at the height of the antebellum period.  Sourced from Documenting the American South run by the University of North Carolina.

haulpickingsSolomon Northup worked in cotton and sugarcane fields and the cultivation of these crops influenced the culture of food he encountered in the Deep South.

After leaving Norfolk the hand-cuffs were taken off, and during the day we were allowed…

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