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Darrow LRecently, a friend of The Cajun Village sent in the photo above of the “Darrow L” to us. The building dates back to 1860. The interior of this “L” shaped house remains very much as it looked originally. Only the walls in the factory area have been changed to accommodate the commercial kitchen.

The “Darrow L” was originally a barbershop with a screened in area for customers. The floor around the barber’s chair was worn down in a circle because he walked around the chair so much! The building passed into the hands of the Chauvin family from Convent. The family used to call it the “Radio Shack” and they’d study and work on electronics there.

Today, the dwelling operates as a boutique shop in The Cajun Village after being moved and successfully restored by Al Robert and his family. It houses Louisiana Wines (as well as Boniblu Candles). Stop by and see a great example of historic preservation!