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If you look to the top of this page, you’ll notice a mural of a gas station on the side of an old building. That mural is painted on the side of Cajun Village Antiques in The Cajun Village. It depicts the Old Station located down the road on the grounds of The Cabin Restaurant, as well as local personages from the past 40 years and a certain Cajun way of life unique to the Burnside and Sorrento areas of Louisiana.

But the mural is not the only interesting thing about Cajun Village Antiques. Inside, you will find all sorts of Louisiana-themed souvenirs and a few local antiques. When the shop was originally opened several years ago, it primarily sold antiques, but eventually branched out to accommodate the growing market for items like Louisiana-made hot sauces, hand-painted cypress knees, and Christmas Ornaments made out of redfish scales, and more.

So whether you’re a visitor from out-of-town looking for a little piece of Louisiana to take home with you, an antique enthusiast looking for unique pieces, or a lover of handcrafted art by Louisiana artists, Cajun Village Antiques has something for everyone. Stop by soon and find something that suits you!