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The Cajun ShopWhen September rolls around in Louisiana, two football teams take hold of the hearts and minds of the Cajuns and Creoles that inhabit our great state: the New Orleans Saints and the LSU Fightin’ Tigers. All other weekend activities are planned around the games on Saturday and Sunday, and it’s hard to go a day without seeing some form of Saints or Tigers paraphernalia.

It’s usually beneficial to try and blend in with the locals when you’re on vacation, and the best way to do that if you’re in Baton Rouge or New Orleans on an Autumn weekend is stop by the Cajun Shop in The Cajun Village. The Cajun Shop has plenty of Tigers and Saints gear, as well as hundreds of other Cajun doo-dads.

There’s a still a week left before the first LSU game of the season against TCU, and 2 weeks until the Saints’ first regular season game against the Atlanta Falcons, so there’s plenty of time for you to get the gear you need!