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Troy MendozaBelow is a press release from The Cabin Restaurant, which just hired a new head chef this week:

The Cabin Restaurant, a historic establishment in Burnside, Louisiana, is pleased to announce the appointment of Troy Mendoza as Head Chef. Troy’s culinary achievements will bring a new dimension to the historic restaurant, banquet and wedding facilities.

Originally from the New Orleans area, Chef Troy Mendoza brings over 10 years of experience to The Cabin Restaurant. He began his culinary career at The Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans, then moved to K-Paul’s where he trained under famous New Orleanian Paul Prudhomme. After Hurricane Katrina, Troy moved to Baton Rouge, where he was named Executive Chef at Mason’s Grill.

Chef Mendoza has been able to make a strong impact on the New Orleans and Baton Rouge markets’ culinary scene through his passion for artistic culinary expression. Having a constant drive to find a new angle, and never satisfied with yesterday’s accomplishments, he is always striving to better himself and the restaurants he has worked in in the past and the future.

“Chef Mendoza is a culinary whiz and we are proud to have him as our head chef. He brings tremendous talent, hard work, and dedication to our culinary team,” states Justin Newhart, marketing director of The Cabin Restaurant, Bernadette’s Restaurant, and The Cajun Village.

The Cabin Restaurant serves traditional River Road cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. The menu offers Cajun and Creole recipes that the owners, Al and Theresa Robert, have had in the family for generations. The Robert’s goal is to preserve some of the local farming history, serve meals typical of the River Road tradition, and make each visit a relaxed and memorable one.

Cajun HashChef Troy has already made an impact in the kitchen, implementing new specials and upping the quality and consistency of food. To the right is a picture of last night’s special, a Cajun Hash with shrimp and crawfish, and a blackened chicken breast on the side, all topped with a white wine hollandaise sauce.

Come experience some of Chef Troy’s creations!