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Cabin BurgerNow that Memorial Day has past and schools are (for the most part) out for the summer, we can finally turn our attention to inherently American summer activities: sitting by the pool, camping and bonfires, going to the beach, and perhaps the most widespread summer activity of all: grilling. Many Americans spend evenings after work or all day on Saturday and Sunday arranged around the grill, enjoying the company of family and friends as their favorite meats slowly simmer over an open flame.

We are no stranger to that down here in south Louisiana, although some of our menu items may differ from those found elsewhere in the country (i.e. grilled alligator). So in honor of America’s grilling heritage, below is the recipe for the Cabin Burger, which is served exclusively at The Cabin Restaurant. It’s simple yet produces a flavorful taste. Enjoy the burger with a side of cool Shrimp Remoulade or a refreshing salad:

Cabin Burger


3 1/2 lbs.     Ground meat
1                  Egg
1 1/2 tbsp    Cajun Seasoning
1/2 tbsp       Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp         Black Pepper
1/4 cup        Bread Crumps
1/2 cup        Milk


Work ground meat until smooth

Mix all other ingredients until well blended, then add to meat and mix in toughly.

Weigh out 8 oz. and form into a disc roughly 5″ diameter

Fry or grill patties as desired, then dress the bun the way you want.