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The location of the four businesses (The Cajun Village, Bernadette’s Restaurant, The Cabin Restaurant, and The Cajun Village Cottages) owned by the Robert family in Ascension Parish, Louisiana makes them prime candidates for an influx of tourist-related traffic. Ascension Parish lies between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and is the heart of Louisiana’s famed Plantation Country. Visitors from around the world come here to experience the grand history of antebellum Louisiana while soaking in the vernacular Cajun lifestyle that is omnipresent everywhere you go.

One attraction that tourists always want to see are live alligators. There are several swamp boat tours in south Louisiana that will take you out on the bayou in search of monster gators. Many restaurants served various gator dishes, and gator farming is a large industry.

The Cajun Village is no stranger to alligators. The Village has featured two live alligators since it opened its doors for business in 1990. They are called “Big Boy” and “Nubby”. They are a must see at The Cajun Village, acting as our resident celebrities. Both gators are about 8-9 ft. in length and quite lazy. They reside in their own pond, which closely resembles a wild gator’s natural habitat. We enhance the gator experience by hosting live feedings at 4pm on Sundays, April thru September.

So if you’re an out-of-guest or just want to get our kids out of the house on a hot summer afternoon, swing by The Cajun Village and check out Big Boy and Nubby. It is an excellent way to experience “Cajun Tourism” and do something out of the ordinary!