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Catfish Fingers

Fried or Grilled Catfish

(This recipe is taken from The Cabin Cook Book, which can be purchased at the restaurant). It would be hard to find a person born in the South that doesn’t love catfish. Fried, grilled, or blackened, broiled or baked; it is the fish of choice for most southerners. Most restaurants (such as The Cabin) down South use the pond raised blue or channel catfish raised and processed on catfish farms. The state of Mississippi is king when it comes to raising catfish.


Most southern servers fry their catfish in a vegetable oil.

The fillet is first dredged in whole milk, and then in seasoned corn meal. Then deep well fried until it floats. Most cooks agree that when it floats it’s done.

The common side dish with this method is the ever popular French fry.

Grilling is a lighter alternative.

The fillet is seasoned and lightly coated with a butter flavored oil. Then grilled, turning once until it flakes.

This method is usually served with a lighter side such as steamed vegetables or a rice dish.