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Beignets3People often associate beignets with, and only with, Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. However, what most of them don’t know is that there are several other establishments in the city and outside of the city limits that serve them as well.

One of those establishments just so happens to be Al’s Coffee House, located in the Cajun Village here in Sorrento, Louisiana. And MAN do they have some scrumptious beignets. Executive Chef Gerard Hemery of Bernadette’s oversees operations at the Coffee House, so I asked him what the secret is to making the best beignets in Louisiana:

“The secret is in the rolling process. The recipe is about as simple as they come – flour and water to make the dough, oil for frying, etc. The only real trick to making a tasty beignet is in the rolling process; the dough can’t be too thick or it won’t puff up like an inflated pastry. Likewise, it can’t be too thin or it won’t rise enough, and you’re left with something that resembles a potato chip. All you have to do is roll it just right, cook it just long enough, and that’s it! You have a delicious beignet.”

Chef Gerard makes it seem rather easy, and I know from experience in my own kitchen that making great beignets takes some competence and experience. He is right about one thing though: the secret is in the rolling process.

So if you don’t trust your cooking skills, or aren’t in town long enough to make your own, why not make a trip up old River Road and have some beignets at Al’s Coffee House? They pair great with our homemade café au lait! We promise, they’ll be worth the drive 🙂