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cabinentrancedef3I have been slowly but steadily connecting the Cabin Restaurant, Cajun Village, & Bernadette’s Restaurant to the social media world for the last 2 weeks, and this blog is the next step in the process.


There are four main topics that this blog will expound upon:

1. Cajun and Creole cuisine – The Cabin Restaurant has served traditional River Road dishes since 1973. Bernadette’s serves French fare as well as Creole fusion dishes. And the Coffee House at the Cajun Village serves Louisiana staples such as cafe au lait and beignets. These establishments have kept the vernacular culinary tradition of rural south Louisiana alive for 40 years! This blog will highlight the preservation of those recipes as well as delve into the history of them.

2. Preservation of Historic Architecture – Through the dedicated efforts of Al and Theresa Robert, close to 50 historic Louisiana structures have been saved, moved onto the grounds of the Cabin Restaurant and Cajun Village, and restored with meticulous care. Their passion for preservation connects them with a burgeoning preservation movement across not only Louisiana, but the United States as well. This blog will feature commentary on the latest preservation efforts in Louisiana and United States as well as recommendations for best practices in that field.

3. Louisiana History – Although Louisiana resides in the Deep South, it has a much different aura than the other southern states. Its unique history, mix of cultures, and charismatic figures. I intend to focus on this peculiar heritage and give voice to it.

4. Ascension Parish and other communities that lie between Baton Rouge and New Orleans – While New Orleans and Baton Rouge are huge draws for tourists and locals alike, the communities that lie in between the two metropolises are overshadowed in terms of notoriety, despite a long and intricately connected heritage. This blog will help to illuminate the communities strung along I-10 between BR and NOLA. It will also provide commentary on local events and current happenings.

Here’s how I anticipate this working. Periodically, I will write a new post, most likely twice a week. Please do provide me with feedback. If you have an alternative perspective, something to add to the conversation, or disagree with me, please let me know!